Opening Hours:
11:00am - 11:00pm
Shop Unit: No. 4
Tel: +852 2861 0600


Being heralded as the gospel of authentic Italian pizza in Hong Kong, there’s actually more to PizzaExpress than just pizza. The warm and welcoming pizzeria offers a full-range restaurant menu that is sure to have something delicious for everyone. It’s a place where you can enjoy a slice of Italy and so much more.

Spreading Authentic Italian Taste
“Our passion for pizza goes back 4 decades ago,” remarks Adrien Ellul, Director and General Manager of PizzaExpress Hong Kong. It all started with a traditional pizza oven, an Italian pizzaiolo and the founder’s love of classic Italian pizza in SOHO, London in 1965. In 2001, the pizzeria has brought its pizza-loving perfectionism to our shore.

Marked by its use of fine ingredients, friendly and efficient service, PizzaExpress has drawn huge number of loyal followers in the past few years. From expats to local, young to professional, all are after a slice of authentic Italian taste.

Always Stay Observant
“One thing about being a good restaurateur is to stay incredibly observant. Customers nowadays look for excellent food as well as attentive service, and my job is to make sure PizzaExpress delivers both,” says Ellul. Examples of the restaurant’s attentive demeanor include the children’s fun room, where the younger guests can have fun whilst offering their parents a few moment of peace, and the open kitchen, where customers can watch as the chefs toss the pizza dough.

Always Innovating
“We are always on the lookout for new ideas to add to our menu,” he continues, “Hong Kong’s unique east-meets-west ambience, for example, has inspired our chefs to come up with the gourmet Peking Duck Pizza, which now stands as one of our signature dishes.” The menu also includes fantastic ranges of wine from around the world in sensible price to go with your slice, and tempting desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

PizzaExpress is the perfect venue to catch up with friends, talk business, celebrate special occasions or take the kids out for a treat. Above all PizzaExpress is an elegant pizzeria serving the best pizza in Hong Kong. Do come down to share a slice.