Monday - Sunday
11:00am – 00:00am
Shop Unit: No. 5& 10
Tel: +852 2348 1289

The Harbour Cigar Divan

The Harbour Cigar Divan is situated in the heart of the fine dining district of Ship Street, Wanchai. Occupying a floor area of 1,200sqf inside a 3-storey Heritage Building which is also a part of Wanchai Heritage Trail, this divan offers a relaxing environment where cigar connoisseurs can enjoy their cigars, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The divan has a walk in humidor equipped with a 24-hours temperature & humidity control, filled with a wide selection of Cuban cigars and some non-Cuban ones, catering to every aficionado’s palette. Other than that, there are 76 private lockers available for them to store and & age their precious cigars

It offers 20 comfortable seats as the lounge is furnished with elegant armchairs, coffee tables and hand-painted murals on the walls (commissioned by a renowned Artist in the UK). For aficionados looking for a new place to roll up their sleeves, sit back and unwind The Harbour Cigar Divan is the perfect place to be.