Shop Unit: No. 1B
Tel: 3543 0345

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is a lifestyle company that defines relaxed, sophisticated style. From its casual yet upscale collections of men’s and women’s sportswear, swimwear, and accessories, to island-inspired cuisine with a signature twist, to home furnishings that turn any space into a restful retreat, Now, with its flagship store opening in J Senses your island escape is well within reach.

Stop by and soak up the colorful vibe in our store, and bring back the island sanctuary to your home by shopping from our fashion and home collections.

“What would Tommy Bahama do?”

Don’t make your secret indulgences a secret; announce it to the world by slipping into Tommy Bahama’s luxurious prints and high-end embellishments with a home-made Coconut Cloud Martini in hand (and share the recipe with friends too, choose from a selection of Tommy Bahama’s Island-Time Cocktail recipes.

Don’t wait until your next vacation to experience a secluded island paradise - create your own cabana at home with authentic island-inspired décor from Tommy Bahama’s home furnishing line.

Silk for the summer, cashmere for the winter, Tommy Bahama brings you only the very best— all with an island flair, of course. Whether you live in a concrete jungle or a winter wonderland, you can do so in island-style with Tommy Bahama’s diverse range of fashion apparel.

Why wait for the weekend when you can just Make Life One Long Weekend.