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12:00nn - 09:00pm
Shop Unit: No.2, G/F
Tel: +852 2866 6885


With just a look at the smiley face of "Zoe" cake and "1459", you cannot resist giving it a bite.  These signature cakes of Zoë  cake shop made her mark in Happy Valley, then Causeway Bay; now its third branch is opened at J Senses.

Cake Making Devotion and Artistic Creativity
Specializing in French style cakes, since 2002 of their first retail, all of the products are freshly made at their own bakery workshop.  Premium ingredients are surely used; you won’t find any adding chemicals like artificial color, emulsification or anti-form fat.  At Zoë, not only your taste buds are pleased, but also your visual sense is well taken care of.  Each piece of cake is nicely crafted with a hint of humor – the “smiley face”, “chocolate flower”, festive icons and many other custom made designs for special occasions.  Their devotion to cake making and artistic creativity shows at every step in this charming little shop.

Embracing the Tradition
The best selling signature “Zoe” cake – its crispy chocolate biscuit base, moisten sponge cake, creamy hazelnut mousse, and its “smiley face”, shared the spotlight evenly and together ensure its popularity throughout the time.

Love at first bite for sure, it is another signature pastry “1459”.  Adopting the traditional recipe, this 1459 layers of Mille Feuille is made with 100% butter (not margarine or lard).  It deniably satisfies the sweet tooth for that health conscious you.

The cheesecakes and chocolate mud cake cannot be missed as well.  They are absolutely stunning to see and taste it.

Love at first bite
Come and stop by for your love at first bite.  Indulge in Zoë, breathe in the new and heritage of Wanchai, enjoy every moment there at J Senses!