J Senses x Emi Wong e-Coupon Giveaway

Big News! J Senses is working with one of the top YouTuber, Emi Wong, in Hong Kong. She has enjoyed her treat meal tour in J Senses. Wanna see what kind of cuisine make a fitness and beauty influencer get relaxed and eat whatever she wants? Wanna know what surprise J Senses has prepared for her fans? Don't hesitate anymore, go check this out now! (All links are listed in Emi Wong YouTube Vlog's Description box)

A Bunch of Welcome Gifts

1. $250 e-Coupon (Upon Spending of $500)This e-Coupon applied to Bibi and Baba, RUAM and 22ships only


2. $500 e-Coupon (Upon Spending of $1,000)
This e-Coupon applied to 22ships and Qi - House of Sichuan only


3. $1,000 e-Coupon (Upon Spending of $2,000) This e-Coupon applied to Qi - House of Sichuan and 22ships only


Terms & Conditions

1. Registration period is from 26 SEPT to 31 OCT 2021. 2. Once the form is successfully completed, the e-Coupons shall be delivered to your registered Whatsapp contact number within 7 business days. 3. Participants must submit the valid contact number with Whatsapp function for receiving eCoupon and the latest promotion news.4. eCoupon redemption will be terminated accordingly without prior notice. 5. Participants can enquire about the status of coupon redemption by Whatsapp in working hours (10 am–5 pm, Mon-Fri). 6. The eCoupon can only be used in the designated restaurant(s) as listed on the eCoupon page 7. Participants should refer to coupons for respective usage terms and details. 8. K. Wah Real Estate Co. Ltd., may use your name, contact phone number, correspondence address, email address and any personal data in direct marketing or send direct marketing materials by ALL channels (including email, mail, SMS, phone). 9. The provision of the data is voluntary. However, if you elect not to provide the data to us, we may not be able to supply you with the relevant information or services or to process your request (e.g.: send ecoupon to registered contact number)10. If you wish us to exclude your personal data for direct marketing purposes, please check the relevant box in the form.11. Please note if you don't check the relevant box in the form. K. Wah Real Estate Co. Ltd. will be able to provide you with the latest product information or updates including but not limited to our company news, special offers, coupons, gifts, seminars, and events, etc.12. The eCoupon will be offered with limited supply and the offer will be stopped when all stocks of eCoupon are used up. 13. In case of any dispute, the decision of K. Wah Real Estate Co. Ltd. shall be final.