Self Pick Up & Dine-in Offer Rewards

Whatever you are deciding to celebrate your Christmas sessions together with your loved families in comfortable restaurants OR warmly home, J Senses always offering you surprising rewards for sharing our joy with you! Find our "Triple Amazing Rewards" to You as follows. Limited Stocks and First come First served!

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1. $1,000 Gift Reward

Keep ALL receipts after redeeming the Self Pick Up and Dine-in Offer! Earning a delighted Gift(s) with a value of $1,000! 

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2. Up to $800 Dine-in Offer

Dine-in Promotions when you visiting the participated restaurants in the comfortable dining areas 

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3. $150 Self Pick Up Discounts

Stay at Home and enjoying your gourmet with your family? More than 8 selected restaurants are offering the $150 Self Pick Up Discounts!

Self Pick Up & Dine-in Offers

Visit our restaurants to present the valid QR code for restaurants' staff scanning!And enjoy the instant offer as follows from NOW to 31 Jan 2021Limited Stock and Act NOW!

$1,000 Gift Reward: Keep ALL receipts after redeeming the above Offer! Earning a delighted Gift(s) with a value of $1,000!

  • Keep ALL receipts (both restaurants and credit card copies) after redeeming the above offers from Now to 31 Jan 2021

  • Accumulated maximum of THREE receipts with the amount of $1,500 (after discount)

  • Send us all receipt copies by Whatsapp (5162 5390)

  • Send you a value of $1,000 gift reward(s) once qualified

  • $1,000 Gifts including Apple Gift Card, J Senses Dining eCoupon, Netflix Gift Card and etc.


Terms and conditions apply. Please click here for the detailed terms and conditions.

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